Late Night Advice To Curve Those Cravings

It’s 9pm and you have already eaten dinner, you maintained your healthy eating plan all day long.Maybe you even got a killer workout in, but there is one problem. You’re hungry, you have that nagging urge to run to the fridge or pantry and tear into your favorite treat. The good news is you are not alone, this happens to us all and even better news there are many healthy alternatives to satisfy that late night hunger that just won’t quit. Some of us,including myself, crave sugar late at night. Now the things that float through my mind are various types of candy I would love to binge on, but we all know that is not a good idea. A fantastic substitute for those sugar cravings are blueberries. Go to your local grocery store and find blueberries that are on the hard side because they will offer a more sour and sugary taste. A handful of those will take the edge of that sweet tooth. Another very common desire is of course chocolate, this actually has the simplest remedy. Eat some. A small amount of dark chocolate is actually good for you so indulge, but choose your portions with your diet in mind. One more craving that strikes so many people are carbohydrates. We all know consuming carbohydrates before bed is not the way to stay trim, as your body will take all of those carbs and store them while your body is totally at rest because it has no reason to metabolize it for energy when you are asleep. Great solution, brown rice cake with a small amount of peanut butter. A small brown rice cake typically has under 100 calories and under 20 grams of carbohydrates. Throw some healthy fat on their which will help you feel full, and add one table-spoon on top of one. These small tips will let you go to sleep feeling full and satisfied, and saves you the guilt trip that occurs if you were to compromise all of your hard work for an unhealthy snack.

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