Stretching; Why It’s So Vital For You To Do

I have noticed that the majority of those who work out do not stretch before, or after their workouts. There are typically three reasons for this. Firstly, many do not know proper stretching techniques. Secondly they do not understand the benefits of it, or the possible injuries that can result from not stretching. Lastly, many think of stretching as slow, boring, and useless. One tip I have for all of you who aren’t sure where to begin stretching is to simply go online, and find different content. Give them all a try to see what becomes enjoyable for you, and what makes your body feel good. Now, here are some reasons why you absolutely should be incorporating stretching into your workouts. Warming up and lightly stretching before your workouts helps to break apart any lactic acid build up, which can create sore and stiff muscles. Stretching also increases blood flow in your body to help warm you up and avoid the risk of pulling a muscle. In between sets and exercises, doing some stretches on the body part(s) you are working can help elongate the muscles, and increase blood flow, allowing you to pump out another set. After that workout your body is flooded with increased blood and lactic acid, so you do not want to just go sit or lay down somewhere and let all of that build up. Make sure to stretch out the body part(s) you worked that day, it might be a little painful but it will drastically help with your recovery time so you aren’t so sore in the next couple days. One thing to make sure you are doing is breathing deeply into every stretch you do, and hold each stretch for at least 20 seconds before resting. Doing this will optimize your flexibility and again loosen up your tight muscles so you can be back in the gym, feeling refreshed, and ready to train again in no time!

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