How To Start Working Out

This topic is a mental barricade for so many people out their. My goal is to break down how simple it is to begin the incredible self journey of getting into shape, no mater your current fitness level. Firstly you need to know something, it’s all about you. Every single human on earth has a different body type, different genetics, and different fitness goals. You need to grab a pen and paper and write a few things down. Write down every reason why you want to get in shape, and write down what your goal is. For some people, their goal might be as simple as shedding 20 pounds. They might not be too worried about having a 6 pack, they could just want to lose some unwanted weight and feel healthier. Now the polar opposite of that is someone who wants to be a competitive bodybuilder, their goal is to have as much muscle mass, and as little body fat as possible. Both take different levels of dieting, different workouts, and different levels of commitment. It is vital to have your goal(s) and reasons why set out in front of you because there are going to be times when this gets hard and you will want to give up or not put in one hundred percent during your workouts. Now you are finally ready to start working out, but where do you actually start? Take a look at your time, everyone has some amount of time that can be dedicated to a workout, whether it be fifteen minutes or one and a half hours. If you have a shorter amount of time then you need to be doing high intensity, low rest style workouts at least four times per week. This will help optimize fat loss and muscle growth when you can only push out short workouts, do not ever feel like 15 minutes a day is “not enough time”. Now if you have an hour or more per day you can schedule different body parts to target during the week. For example you can do chest and triceps on Monday, then alternate two different body parts the following day so the muscles you hit the day before can rest and recover. The easiest thing to do when first starting out is to experiment and adjust, mix up your routines. This will keep your body from the “plateau effect” which explains how our bodies grow accustom to a certain fitness routine after time, and if you do not mix it up every six weeks or so you can actually stop seeing results. Go online and try any workout you find that looks appealing or has great reviews. If it kicks your butt and you had a good workout then keep doing it, if you like most of it but a couple exercises are too difficult then cut those out and adjust by finding more simple exercises to replace them with. As time goes on you will find what style of workout fits you best, maybe it’s body weight exercises or maybe its running, you might combine multiple different styles in order to hit your fitness goals. The awesome part is that again it’s all about you and your own goals, as long as you are working out you are doing your body a favor so do not become discouraged along your journey. Embrace it, enjoy it, and work hard every day at it.

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