What You Were Told As A Child Is Actually True

Everyone at some point in their life has been told “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. It was true back then, and it is still true now. Whether your goal is to lose weight, or gain weight, breakfast is an essential part of that process. When we eat, our bodies instantly go to work, breaking down the food and using it for energy. If your morning meal is not full of the right nutrition, or you skip it all together, your setting your body up for failure first thing in the morning. Your breakfast should be heavier in carbohydrates than the rest of your meals because you just went up to 8 hours or more with nothing to eat, and your body needs nutrients. Starting off with a larger amount of carbohydrates then tapering off through ought each meal is a great way to end your day with a light dinner, which prevents unwanted weight gain. You will feel fuller in the morning, which will cause you to eat a moderate sized lunch, that will then cause you to not crave a massive dinner later in the day. If you couple this method with small healthy snacks in between meals such as an apple, almonds, or string cheese, your body will constantly have something healthy to breakdown and use for energy, and for repairing the muscle tissues that breakdown during your workouts. This will keep your metabolism running all day, which we all know is essential for burning unwanted fat. Now with all that said you need to put the right type of carbohydrates in your body, those microwaved breakfast sandwiches will absolutely not do. Whole wheat, or multi-grain bread is a great choice because both are known as complex carbs that will break down slowly, which is great because again, you will feel fuller for a longer period of time. Steel cut oatmeal is another great choice due to the high amount of fiber in each serving. Think of your meals as a pyramid, with breakfast being the largest starting at the bottom, and dinner which is going to be the smallest meal being at the top. Then scattered in the middle are those small snacks I mentioned earlier. This pattern of eating will ensure you feel less hungry throughout the day, that you are optimizing the efficiency of your metabolism, and promoting your over all brain and body development. There’s no reason not to spend a little extra time in the kitchen so that you set yourself up for a healthier day!

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