Why Aren’t You Doing HIIT?

High Intensity Interval Training. If you are looking to get into serious shape this is the method you need to use. Performing HIIT exercises optimizes your cardio, conditioning, strength, and it promotes lean muscle growth. HIIT is based on a simple structure; you perform an exercise for a longer period of time than your rest time.Let’s say you are doing burpees, you work for 30 seconds and follow that with a 10 second rest, then move on to another exercise. You can change the work and rest time segments to whatever you want, depending on your current fitness level. Another awesome benefit of using HIIT, is that it works with any exercise out there. You can do it with running, weight lifting, body weight exercises, and even pilates or yoga stretches. This is why it is so effective. During the “work segment” you are pushing your body, and increasing your cardio and heart rate. Now when you take a small “rest segment” your heart and lungs are still working at very fast rate, and before they can start to cool down you kick them into gear and start performing that all out “work segment again.” When you drive your vehicle on the freeway at a relatively steady speed you burn some fuel, but not as much as when you drive around town having to slow down, stop, and change speeds constantly,. Your body works the exact same way at burning fat during your workout as your vehicle does for burnig fuel. So why not use HIIT to ignite your workouts and burn more fat than ever? Here is a simple example of a HIIT plan anyone can use, once you get the idea of it you can make your own workouts using exercises and time segments that work for you and your goals!

* Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds. Do all 3 exercises in a row with only 10 seconds of rest inbetween each one, that is 1 set. Aim for at least 5 sets


Squat Jumps

Push ups

Leg lifts


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