Overcoming Discouragement

Setting your fitness goals and going after them is not easy. It takes tremendous amounts of hard physical work every single day, as well as constantly fortifying your mental attitude so you can keep pushing every single day. At some point though you absolutely will become discouraged about the entire process, it might even happen multiple times to you but the point is, it will happen. This phase of discouragement really is a make or break moment. If you let those negative thoughts and feelings overcome all the work you are putting in, you are going to give up and let yourself go. You won’t see the point in continuing with the discipline needed to get the results, so by giving up all you are going to do is ruin the progress you have made which will ultimately drive you deeper into the hole of negativity you created. Here is the flip side to that, go ahead and feel discouraged it’s normal and it means you care enough of your hard work that you want it to pay off, so of course your will feel down when you don’t notice the results you want right. So feel discouraged, but you must keep working, that is what makes a difference, continue to grind and work and those feelings will go away eventually. If you choose to continue the hard work you will also get the results you want, which will help increase your confidence and desire to never stop improving your fitness level. Work through the slump, continue to improve, and remember that results take time!

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