Under 30 minute hardcore workout for anyone, anywhere, NO equipment needed

Perform 15 seconds of each exercise, and then hold the position for an additoanl 15 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds before starting the next exercise. Once you perform all 3 exercises, that counts as 1 set. Take 30 seconds to rest then hit it again. Strive for at least 5 sets, do more if you can! Push yourself, have fun, get results.

. Push ups 15 seconds – hold half way down position for 15 seconds (to modify the hold, just hold in a push up in the starting position) 

. Squat jumps for 15 seconds, hold a squatted position for 15 seconds (to modify take away the jump and perform regular bodyweight squat, then squat with your back against the wall for support)

.Flutter kicks for 15 seconds, right into an extended leg hold about 6-8 inches off the ground for 15 seconds (to modify drop to your knees while still maintaining a plank)

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