Pick a Time, Become Dedicated

I wanted to write about time because it is something a lot of people use as an excuse to NOT workout. I do not believe this excuse to hold any validity, so throw it away! I personally am a morning person, that is when I have the most energy, and this is the time I have trained my mind and body to perform at peak physical performance. My routine consists of a 4:30am wake up, at the gym warming up at 5am, and finally finishing my cool down stretches at 6am after a hard 50 minute session. Now it isn’t always easy waking up at 4:30am, but I find that once I am up and on my feet with the definitive mindset of “Okay, I am going to the gym” it becomes a lot easier. Mind over matter is an incredibly true statement but it takes practice to train your mind to not think about how tired you are, or sore, or not motivated to go workout. For myself, I also find working out in the morning relieves me of some anxiety because after a long day at work, I know I am coming home to a family time, and other things such as dinner and cleaning duties, and this would stress me out all day because I kept thinking about how I wasn’t going to have a long enough workout. So, by eliminating my workout early in the day I am free to carry out all my other daily duties without any stressful thoughts of “How am I going to workout today”. My advice is pick a time that works for your schedule, don’t base it off anyone’s opinion, and then dedicate yourself to the workout. Once you find your sweet spot, stick to that routine and make it a habit like brushing your teeth. You don’t think “Oh bummer I need to brush my teeth”, you just do it every single day. Pick a time, become dedicated, you will see results.

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