How To Start Working Out

This topic is a mental barricade for so many people out their. My goal is to break down how simple it is to begin the incredible self journey of getting into shape, no mater your current fitness level. Firstly you need to know something, it’s all about you. Every single human on earth has a different body type, different genetics, and different fitness goals. You need to grab a pen and paper and write a few things down. Write down every reason why you want to get in shape, and write down what your goal is. For some people, their goal might be as simple as shedding 20 pounds. They might not be too worried about having a 6 pack, they could just want to lose some unwanted weight and feel healthier. Now the polar opposite of that is someone who wants to be a competitive bodybuilder, their goal is to have as much muscle mass, and as little body fat as possible. Both take different levels of dieting, different workouts, and different levels of commitment. It is vital to have your goal(s) and reasons why set out in front of you because there are going to be times when this gets hard and you will want to give up or not put in one hundred percent during your workouts. Now you are finally ready to start working out, but where do you actually start? Take a look at your time, everyone has some amount of time that can be dedicated to a workout, whether it be fifteen minutes or one and a half hours. If you have a shorter amount of time then you need to be doing high intensity, low rest style workouts at least four times per week. This will help optimize fat loss and muscle growth when you can only push out short workouts, do not ever feel like 15 minutes a day is “not enough time”. Now if you have an hour or more per day you can schedule different body parts to target during the week. For example you can do chest and triceps on Monday, then alternate two different body parts the following day so the muscles you hit the day before can rest and recover. The easiest thing to do when first starting out is to experiment and adjust, mix up your routines. This will keep your body from the “plateau effect” which explains how our bodies grow accustom to a certain fitness routine after time, and if you do not mix it up every six weeks or so you can actually stop seeing results. Go online and try any workout you find that looks appealing or has great reviews. If it kicks your butt and you had a good workout then keep doing it, if you like most of it but a couple exercises are too difficult then cut those out and adjust by finding more simple exercises to replace them with. As time goes on you will find what style of workout fits you best, maybe it’s body weight exercises or maybe its running, you might combine multiple different styles in order to hit your fitness goals. The awesome part is that again it’s all about you and your own goals, as long as you are working out you are doing your body a favor so do not become discouraged along your journey. Embrace it, enjoy it, and work hard every day at it.

Stretching; Why It’s So Vital For You To Do

I have noticed that the majority of those who work out do not stretch before, or after their workouts. There are typically three reasons for this. Firstly, many do not know proper stretching techniques. Secondly they do not understand the benefits of it, or the possible injuries that can result from not stretching. Lastly, many think of stretching as slow, boring, and useless. One tip I have for all of you who aren’t sure where to begin stretching is to simply go online, and find different content. Give them all a try to see what becomes enjoyable for you, and what makes your body feel good. Now, here are some reasons why you absolutely should be incorporating stretching into your workouts. Warming up and lightly stretching before your workouts helps to break apart any lactic acid build up, which can create sore and stiff muscles. Stretching also increases blood flow in your body to help warm you up and avoid the risk of pulling a muscle. In between sets and exercises, doing some stretches on the body part(s) you are working can help elongate the muscles, and increase blood flow, allowing you to pump out another set. After that workout your body is flooded with increased blood and lactic acid, so you do not want to just go sit or lay down somewhere and let all of that build up. Make sure to stretch out the body part(s) you worked that day, it might be a little painful but it will drastically help with your recovery time so you aren’t so sore in the next couple days. One thing to make sure you are doing is breathing deeply into every stretch you do, and hold each stretch for at least 20 seconds before resting. Doing this will optimize your flexibility and again loosen up your tight muscles so you can be back in the gym, feeling refreshed, and ready to train again in no time!

Late Night Advice To Curve Those Cravings

It’s 9pm and you have already eaten dinner, you maintained your healthy eating plan all day long.Maybe you even got a killer workout in, but there is one problem. You’re hungry, you have that nagging urge to run to the fridge or pantry and tear into your favorite treat. The good news is you are not alone, this happens to us all and even better news there are many healthy alternatives to satisfy that late night hunger that just won’t quit. Some of us,including myself, crave sugar late at night. Now the things that float through my mind are various types of candy I would love to binge on, but we all know that is not a good idea. A fantastic substitute for those sugar cravings are blueberries. Go to your local grocery store and find blueberries that are on the hard side because they will offer a more sour and sugary taste. A handful of those will take the edge of that sweet tooth. Another very common desire is of course chocolate, this actually has the simplest remedy. Eat some. A small amount of dark chocolate is actually good for you so indulge, but choose your portions with your diet in mind. One more craving that strikes so many people are carbohydrates. We all know consuming carbohydrates before bed is not the way to stay trim, as your body will take all of those carbs and store them while your body is totally at rest because it has no reason to metabolize it for energy when you are asleep. Great solution, brown rice cake with a small amount of peanut butter. A small brown rice cake typically has under 100 calories and under 20 grams of carbohydrates. Throw some healthy fat on their which will help you feel full, and add one table-spoon on top of one. These small tips will let you go to sleep feeling full and satisfied, and saves you the guilt trip that occurs if you were to compromise all of your hard work for an unhealthy snack.

Short On Time? Try This Killer Workout; It Takes Less Than 30 Minutes!

This workout is intense and convenient because it can be done anywhere. You are using your upper body to hold up your frame during the exercises, your legs are always constantly working so it serves as a great lower body routine. Of course your core is being activated due to holding yourself up for over 1 minute per set, not to mention the hurt your going to put on your abs with the movements in this workout. Another fantastic feature this routine provides besides being less than half an hour long, is that due to the high intensity interval work your body is going to be melting fat off of itself! Give it a try and after you catch your breath, share it with a friend!

3 Incredibly Simple, Yet Totally Effective Diet Tips Anyone Can Use

Dieting can be stressful, there is so much information out there telling you what to do. You need to find what works for you and what I personally believe in is simplicity. Follow very basic rules, stick to them, and see the results for yourself. Tip number one, NO fast food. Pretty simple right? Fast food is processed, dehydrated, frozen junk that will do you no good in your efforts to lose weight. The one exception to this rule is a grilled chicken sandwich, almost every fast food chain offers a simple grilled chicken sandwich; lose the sandwich bun and enjoy a high protein guilt free lunch when you are in a rush and need a quick bite to eat. The second tip is NO snacking on junk after dinner, again pretty simple but not super easy. Try a handful of almonds, a string cheese, or handful of your favorite fruit to satisfy those before bed time cravings next time they come around. Last but certainly not least; limit your added sugar intake to as low as you can get it. Added sugars have absolutely zero nutritional benefits and can be found in all sodas and candy. They can also be found in a lot of your favorite juices, yogurts, frozen foods, and baked goods. Check out the nutrition label and always stay away from those processed added sugars, your body does not metabolize it well which can lead to added weight gain

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